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Royal Canadian Academy of Arts

Portrait of a Woman

Portraying the Land Around Them

At Galerie Christin, we display a number of incredible landscape paintings from artists who were taught at this prestigious school. Armand Tatossian, Claude Picher, and Paul Soulikias create colourful landscapes that evoke memories from every season. Whether they are using abstraction or cubism, these masters make vibrant images that linger with you long after you leave the gallery.

Francesco Iacurto and Lorne Bouchard are two artists who prefer to work with subtle pigments. Their landscapes use shadows and light to depict trees that have been covered in snow during an enchanted winter.

Images of People and More

We also carry a number of works that capture people going about their daily lives. Albert Rousseau, Philip Surrey, and Henri Masson paint quaint neighborhoods and villages that are brimming with energy and movement. Their works transport you to an innocent time when children spent the afternoon playing outside.

William Ronald is a master of abstract art. His paintings not only radiate magnificent colour, but they tell stories through movement and shape.